Do's and Don'ts of the COBB


  • Always check the silicon grommets are in place on the base unit before cooking.
  • Clean the COBB after each use.
  • Have a heatproof surface next to the COBB - when lifting the lid you will need a surface to rest it on. The multi-purpose COBB cutting board is designed for this as well as for cutting food and resting/keeping warm your cooked food.
  • When cooking, remove the lid as INFREQUENTLY as possible. Resist the urge to peek! - this will affect the cooking time.
  • Turn the food at least once during the cooking time.
  • Use the metal handle for lifting up the grill when adding food to the moat.
  • Remove the grill plate, griddle, fry pan, fry dish & dome after cooking - this prevents a build up of heat in the COBB and cooking surface.
  • For easier cleaning, when you have finished cooking, soak up any liquids from the moat using tongs and kitchen roll while it's still warm.


  • Do not cover the COBB with the dome when not cooking.
  • Do not put the fry pan, fry dish, griddle or dome on when there are open flames while lighting the COBB.
  • Do not overload the COBB. Do not light or use the COBB indoors.
  • Do not cover the COBB with a cooking surface or dome until coals are 30% grey in colour.
  • Do not add extra unlit coals when you are cooking food.
  • Do not close air-vents. The COBB needs air circulation.
  • When smoking food, do not add liquid to the moat.

Should you have misplaced your instruction manual, click here for an online version.