Family Friendly

Five COBBs to choose from

Product Range

Our COBB range has been extended to include a variety of models that allows you to choose the best COBB for your needs!

  • The COBB Premier and Pro

    Our most popular products to date have been the COBB Premier and COBB Pro, being that they are also the products to have been in our range for the longest, this is no surprise. The COBB Premier holds a stainless steel finish as opposed to the COBB Pro with a mild steel base. The Pro comes standard in Black. In their construction and functioning the Premier and Pro are both equal in performance. Both providing a great cooking experience!
  • The COBB Supreme

    Our Cobb Supreme is an entertainers dream and has an 80% larger cooking surface than the COBB Premier and the COBB Pro. You can easily have two and a half chickens sizzling in the roast rack while the moat is filled with enough vegetables to feed the family and friends.
    With the same attractive stainless steel finish as the COBB Premier this COBB is bound to be a hit with every guest at your table.
  • The Compact COBB

    Our Compact COBB, called this as it has a compressed height in comparison to all other models, is the ideal COBB for those with limited space, both at home and when travelling. Available in either stainless steel or mild steel, this cutie boasts all the same abilities as the COBB Premier and Pro, just in a bite-size.
  • The COBB Premier Gas

    Our COBB Premier Gas offers the same great experience as the COBB Premier and Pro but with the convenience of gas. Powered by a 1.3kw gas burner, connected to a 230g/445g disposable gas canister, the COBB Premier Gas Cooking System allows you to cook anything, anywhere, anytime.

Probably the

The greenest little oven on earth

As far as we can determine, the COBB has the smallest carbon footprint of any manufactured oven on Earth.

COBBs only limitation is your imagination

  • Grills - meats, chicken, vegetables, fish etc.
  • Fries - eggs, meat, fish etc.
  • Bakes - bread, cakes, pizza - even roasts whole chickens and joints of beef, lamb pork, etc.
  • Boils - stews, pasta, curries etc.
  • Smokes - fish, meats, vegetables etc.