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Turbo Arc Lighter

Turbo Lighter

  • The first designer household lighter to combine cutting-edge technology with contemporary living style.
  • A beautiful, all-metal lighter.
  • The Turbo flame Arc roars with a 1300c jet-like flame that easily gets into the tiniest of spaces.
  • Effortlessly elegant and wonderfully versatile.
  • the Arc will make light work of a host of houshold tasks, from lighting a Cobblestone,caramelising a crème brûlée to lighting tea lights in aromatherapy burners.
  • It won't leave any unsightly black carbon traces on your elegant table candles either.
  • Size: 11.3 x 3.4 cm
  • Fill using the recommended butane gas refills, e.g. brands such as Colibri, Newport or Maplin Electronics that use premium quality and are marked: Triple/Double refined or Near Zero Impurities.
  • How to refill your Turbo Lighter.
  • Note: Due to UK shipping regulations the lighter will be shipped empty

    Price: £25.00


    Temporarily out of stock until approx. 30 Sep 2021

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