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Ultra Quick BBQ Charcoal - 1 Pack £10.75

Ultra Quick BBQ Charcoal (5 Pieces)


  • Safe and economical
  • Complete ignition and ready to cook in 1 minute
  • Built in firelighter
  • Made from Coconut husk
  • One Ultra Quick brick gives 1 hour grilling time or 1.5 hours oven cooking time if used in a Cobb
  • Burns hotter than conventional wood charcoal

    • Carbon Monoxide hazard
    • Never ignite and use indoors
    • Store in a cool dry space away from other inflammable products
    • Use at a safe distance from inflammable products
    • After cooking remove the dome and grill plate to allow the Ultra Quick brick to burn out
    • Be sure the ashes are completely burnt out before discarding through a refuge service

    Price: £10.75


    Temporarily out of stock until approx. 30 Dec 1930

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