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Cobb Premier Gas Set 4

Cobb Premier Gas BBQ/Oven

Gas Cobb - For Use with standard UK screw on disposable canister only

The Gas Cobb is a portable outdoor cooking appliance. With the Gas Cobb you can grill, fry, roast and bake. You can cook anything, anywhere, anytime

Compatible with all Cobb Premier accessories. i.e. Pan, Griddle & Dish etc.

The Gas Cobb complies with Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC and follows the following harmonized standard, EN521:2006, for use with a 445g/788ml butane cannister manufactured by trusted brands in accordance with EN417

The ISO Screwthread EN417 is a resealable type fitting that fits into the Cobb barbecue and is widely available in up to 500gm sizes from the following manufacturers - Go System - Coleman - Weber - Primus - Cadac & others


  • Appliance Name : Outdoor Gas Barbecue
  • Model No : PGA002
  • Appliance Category : Vapour pressure butane
  • Type of gas : Butane
  • Jet size : 0.57mm
  • Nominal heat input : 1.3kW (95g/h)
  • Pin code : 598 CP 451
  • Made in China

Package includes:

  • Cobb Premier Gas
  • Cobb Carry Bag
  • Roast Rack

Dimensions & Weight

  • Weight: 5.8Kg Standard Premier Gas including Bag & Rack
  • L 42cm : W 33cm : H 43cm
  • L 42cm : W 33cm : H 31cm (Dome inverted with handle removed)
Price: £175.00


Temporarily out of stock until approx. 31 Jan 2021

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