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Cobb Supreme - Set 4

Cobb Supreme Set4

General Information

  • 80% bigger than the Cobb Premier, the Cobb Supreme easily caters for larger groups
  • The Cobb Supreme is simply more sociable, cooking up to 3 chickens and vegetables simultaneously
  • Fuelled with 2 Cobblesones,±600g charcoal or 12 to 20 charcoal briquettes, the Cobb Supreme is still truly economical
  • Retaining its portability with the Cobb Supreme, you can cook anything, anywhere anytime

Package includes

  • Standard Cobb Supreme Oven/Grill
  • Strong Canvas Bag
  • Roast Rack

Weights & Dimensions

  • Weight: 8.0Kg (exc fuel)
  • L 50cm : W 36.5cm : H 38cm (with dome on)
Price: £308.70


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